Error communicating with [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED

Some times, when you trying to deploy a machine, you may ended up with the following error. In my case, the infrastructure is as follows.

One Controller Node, Two compute Nodes, One cinder and One Neutron node. All are Centos 6.6 with Icehouse Release.

2013-10-30 12:34:03.574 15487 TRACE nova.api.openstack CommunicationError: Error communicating with [Errno 111] ECONNREFUSED
Even your glance_host configuration parameter in the /etc/cinder/cinder.conf is right, you will face this issue.  To resolve this issue, add the following in the /etc/nova/nova.conf file of Controller node.
glance_api_servers=   #IP is the Glance Host
Restart the Nova scheduler and API services in Controller node.
You are good to Go !!!

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