Conflict (HTTP 409) (Request-ID:req-171708bf-8bee-4b4d-b836-1d0fd02db4bc)

Some times, we will face issue with deleting subnet and network from Openstack. When you tried to delete a subnet, it may gives you an error as follows.

root@node-myenv:~# neutron net-delete b862b0f8-0b83-469e-a2ed-63a668bc5f1d
Conflict: Conflict (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-05d8add9-c1a6-44a3-9a5c-5758abf39e27)

This could be happens, when an Orphan port is still their in your environment even after you delete router from the environment. To override this issue
check the ports attached to your environment by this

root@node-myenv:~# neutron port-list
| id                                   | name                                 | mac_address       | fixed_ips                                                                          |
| 05fe43de-5b84-497c-b206-730376ca1d13 | qgigbig0gfbb824-lb_port-ty2zqzqdrjbp | fa:16:3e:06:96:87 | {“subnet_id”: “6355927a-02bf-4014-9927-192547631885”, “ip_address”: “”} |

neutron port-delete 05fe43de-5b84-497c-b206-730376ca1d13
Deleted port: 05fe43de-5b84-497c-b206-730376ca1d13

After that, tried to delete the Subnet and Later network by following

root@node-myenv:~# neutron subnet-delete 6355927a-02bf-4014-9927-192547631885
Deleted subnet: 6355927a-02bf-4014-9927-192547631885


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