How to See attached volumes from an Instance

The following CLI will give you the list of attached Volumes to an Instance.

stack@devstack:~$ nova –debug show¬† b20ec423-6760-43dc-b406-6c86c808ed02 | grep os-extended-volumes:volumes_attached

The output will be like this. Because I am attaching two volumes to this Instance

“os-extended-volumes:volumes_attached | [{“id”: “fbd5829c-7cee-41dd-9739-07b52d519055”, “delete_on_termination”: false}, {“id”: “24dacd86-218b-4ab7-bd4d-2dcb42a37207”, “delete_on_termination”: false}] |”

These are my volumes


Listing the above volumes from Cinder.

stack@devstack:~$ cinder list | awk ‘{print $2}’





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