Live Migration failure: Cannot get interface MTU on ‘qbrXXXXXXXX-XX’

Some times, when you are doing a live migration , it will ended up with the following error in the nova-compute.log of hypervisor. The reason for this as follows.
The Interface was removed by the user, but LIBVIRT doesnt acknowledged about this. But nova did. So, when nova initiates a live migration, libvirt is looking for this
interface, which actually doesnt exists.

virsh domiflist

Interface Type Source Model MAC
tap29b1bcde-c7 bridge qbr29b1bcde-c7 virtio fa:16:3e:79:06:2a
tap887baa4b-2e bridge qbr887baa4b-2e virtio fa:16:3e:d8:e9:db

At the same time

nova interface-list 41d0b857-82a4-495b-9a91-b62ec8a879c8
| Port State | Port ID | Net ID | IP addresses | MAC Addr |
| ACTIVE | 887baa4b-2ef4-4037-ba46-b0da304af252 | 6014d6df-4268-41f8-a991-4dd7724f9fa7 | | fa:16:3e:d8:e9:db |

The interface tap29b1bcde-c7 is not exist. During the live-migration, libvirt looking for the interface and could not find. He reports to nova that, he could not find the interface and aborting live-migration. To solve this, we need to remove the not used interface. Use the following command to do this.

virsh detach-interface –domain instance-0000bab1 –type bridge –mac fa:16:3e:79:06:2a –config –live

Make sure that, interface Doesnt exists and run the live-migration. It will be succeeded.

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